Start meditating today with a self-paced meditation course, weekly guided meditations, and private instruction.


Yoga is for ALL bodies—no butt-kicking "workouts" or "pretzeling" required. I'm here to help you find YOUR yoga, not mine.


Reiki CANNOT be taught online.

I help Reiki practitioners to start their journey of Reiki without getting lost.

My goal is to help you help others. I support you along your Reiki journey whether that means you're practicing on friends & family, hosting a Reiki share, or launching & running a Reiki business.


Coaching often comes to you after an amazing Reiki, meditation, or yoga session. It's for when you want to dive deeper than ever before. It's to help you get unstuck, move forward, find your purpose, redefine your goals, and improve your mindset!

Coaching is also a stand-alone option from the other healing modalities I offer.

Coaching Path #1

There are those who believe in energy and those who don't. I serve both of you (and always have). First, you're seeking your purpose and getting in touch with your own unique gifts.

Now, you get to choose your own adventure.

You want a more traditional coach to help you get out of your own way. You may even be into yoga and meditation—just not in the "airy-fairy woo woo" way.

Coaching Path #2

The energetic path to freedom.

You want to know all about yours, you want to read energy, you want to work with energy, do Reiki, etc. You want me to dial up "the woo" as high as it goes.

Hi, I’m your yoga, meditation, and Reiki teacher who's here to coach you past the gunk, fear, and other energetic stuff weighing you down.

I'm Heather Larson and I spent years going down rabbit holes to heal my body, mind, and soul.

I'm distilling what works so you can approach your own healing faster and more effectively.

"Heather always manages to make the experience of yoga & meditation just what I need in that moment."

- Kelly C.